True Helm by Sweyn Plowright

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Book Information  
AuthorSweyn Plowright
TitleTrue Helm
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Harald Sigurdsson 
(Jan 11, 2007)

This is a very unusual work. The first half consists of chapters on themes relating to the martial arts, warriorship, and self defense. It is really practical advice about how to handle situations, and how to think about your place in them, in order to best survive. It ranges from physical, mental, & even magical techniques, to the legal principles underlying self defence and the use of force.

The second half is a retelling of the old Germanic tale of Wayland the Smith. It is a compelling and interesting story of sword and sorcery, with many of the earlier warrior principles exemplified.

Well worth reading, this book does appear second-hand on Amazon, but is actually cheaper new from the publisher, Rune-Net Press. Just Google for it.

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