Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff

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Book Information  
AuthorTanya Huff
TitleSummon the Keeper
SeriesThe Keeper Chronicles
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Heresy 
(Sep 29, 2009)

I read this book expecting something different. Well, in a way I wasn't disappointed. If you're looking for something with a deep serious plot, don't read this. This book is humorous, it'll bring a chuckle to your lips, but it's not high adventure fantasy stuff. For a setting set in Ontario, I expected a bit more oomph, but we don't really leave the hotel much to go exploring except to the local bar.

The book's humor also relies on anecdotes from movies, games and trends from the time it was written. It's tongue and cheek for a lot of the story - it's like someone wrote something... and then a bystander came in and instead of re-writing everything just added comments that would seem amusing to the next readers.


1. Info dumps at the beginning of the novel were given in the form of tedious conversations - the power of what a "Keepers/Cousins" would have been best explained by example, not telling.

2. Magic/Power - could have been explained a lot better. It's just a cardboard cut out of - she called the power... that sort of thing.

3. Development and introduction of the characters at the beginning (see problem 1.) It started out interesting and then there's this dry prose about "explaining" and we're slapped in the head repeatively.

4. The climax fight scene could have been a little better resolved with the fight with Sara and Claire. I expected more oomph with their fighting and not the sudden "she is in the hole and lets seal it quickly" happening.

5. Claire's relationships to Dean and Jacques seemed developed more on lust than love. The only reason she sleeps with the later is because he's "older".


1. After you get over the initial poor treatment of the info dumps, the story is funny and interesting to read. You go from werewolves and vampires to retired Gods showing up while Hell is literally a metaphysical hole in the basement. If you like slapstick this caters to that.

2. I like the characters overall. I felt the cat needed to be fleshed out instead of the cheap easy comment of "he's a cat", and I was meh about Jacques Labaet (Anyone else think of beer here?) but I really liked Dean. I felt he should have been older given the type of fix-it up skills, cleaning and hotel skills he showed. Instead of him being 20 and Claire 29, it should have been him being 25 and her being 34. You can actually sympathize with Dean over the treatment he gets from stuck up Claire.

3. I liked the relationship Dean and Austen had - the cat taking advantage of his good nature to get some extra food his owner won't give him.

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