Cyteen by C. J. Cherryh

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AuthorC. J. Cherryh
GenreScience Fiction
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(Aug 02, 1999)

This seminal work in the annals of science fiction has much to enjoy and little to decry. Its extensive and intimidating length notwithstanding, it will hold your attention from the first to last page.
Ariane Emory, leader of the renouned Reseune complex on Cyteen, where experiments in human genetics have revolutionized the way of life in Union. Powerful, enigmatic and charismatic, the aging Ariane risks her entire life's work to conduct one final, daring experiment -- to clone herself and duplicate her own life experiences in the young Ariane. This experiment sparks a complex web of political intrigue, betrayal and power struggles. Also caught up in the web is a young scientist, Justin Warrick, whose relationship with Ariane is tense and whose best friend is an Alpha-class Azi(a genetically engineered human with the highest intelligence level). Justin finds himself fighting for everything he has ever cared for as he encounters circumstances that will test him to his very limits.
Cyteen is a winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

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