Tale Spin by Neil Cladingboel

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Book Information  
AuthorNeil Cladingboel
TitleTale Spin
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Dennis Miller 
(Mar 04, 2002)

I have to admit, I was a little bit bemused by this book when I first began to read it. The tales contained in it are very short, and on the surface appear to have little meaning. However, then I began to understand what was happening: I was being allowed to witness the author experimenting, and having fun with words. Honing his skills as it were.

Neil is just having fun, and it shows with some of the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle humour he displays in some of the tales. My particular favourite is 'Fuel Cells', which is science fiction that I am sure could be expanded upon in future. Another fine tale is 'Tanked', this literally had me squirming in my seat... believe me... you need to read it to understand. We also get to pay a rather poignant visit to a young friend in 'Sandman'.

I have to be honest here... I think this is an incredibly brave thing that Neil Cladingboel has done... to allow us to see his meanderings... his experimentation... warts and all!

If you only ever buy one work by Neil Cladingboel, get his 'Erebus Equilibrium Trilogy'... then stop being daft and buy this as well!!!

However... I am left with just one question...

Who DOES write the stories? :-)

Submitted by Sarah Dobbs 
(Jan 19, 2002)

'Tale Spin' by Neil C. Cladingboel does exactly what the title suggests: it puts a great spin on each and every story in the collection.

I can only liken this book to a box of chocolates. Each story in the box is delicious but they are all very different. There's a story to suit everyone's taste here, whether you enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, horror or even a dash of romance!

Of course I have my own personal favourites. These include 'Nine Lives,' 'Quicksilver,' 'The Yellow Eyes of God,' Photo Finish' and the book's namesake, 'Tale Spin.'

In my opinion, 'The Yellow Eyes of God' and 'Photo Finish' deserve a special mention. These stories are absolute gems. They are thoughtfully written and wonderfully evocative. 'The Yellow Eyes of God' is quite literally enchanting and the imagery has stayed with me. The twist-in ?the-tale ending even managed to astound me!

However, where the stories in 'Tale Spin' truly excel are the ease with which they are read. You are hooked after the first sentence in each story and secure in the knowledge that the author will spirit you away on a wonderful mini adventure on every occasion. You will read all the tales in a state of anticipation; anxious to discover what surprises Mr Cladingboel has cooked up for you this time.

'Tale Spin' is a great introduction to Mr Cladingboel's writing and will surely whet your appetite to such a point that you will start craving more of the same. If this is the case, then why not try the novels in Cladingboel's 'Erebus Equilibrium Trilogy' and the forthcoming 'Bortag's Curse.'

So if you fancy being surprised, saddened, scared, shocked AND stunned, then delve into 'Tale Spin' and indulge in this assortment of sensational tales. A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read!

Sarah Dobbs -

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