the last battle by Chris Bunch

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Book Information  
AuthorChris Bunch
Titlethe last battle
SeriesDragon Master
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
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(Jun 16, 2008)

While the book was quite good, in a lot of ways it was a let down. Lady Khiri has an affair with a Sagene nobleman even though Kalais is suppose to be the love of her life. It felt like the author was getting rid of Kalais wife just to introduce a new love interest in his life. Lord Cantabri dies at the beginning of the book of an apparent heart attack yet he was suppose to be at most 6 years older than Hal who around 28 yrs old in the book. In fact most of supporting characters in the first 2 books are given short thrift or killed in off near the end in a very cavalier manner with almost no emotional attachment added to characters we should care about. Finally the ending seemed rushed and unfinished we don't know if they made it back home even though it implied they would go home, there so many questions left to be answered, why didn't he have children with Lady Khiri? How did the wild dragons know they were going to attack the demon dragons? Where did the 3 baby dragons come from? What ultimately brought the demon into the continent and how did the demon knows they were coming to the new continent? Will the new continent ever be colonized? To tell the truth the ending felt rushed and unfinished, while I understand the writer was sick while writing this book and I don't mean to sound harsh. I can't give this book more 3 because the first 2 books of the series where so much bette.

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