The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson

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Book Information  
AuthorWayne Thomas Batson
TitleThe Final Storm
SeriesDoor Within Trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by SciF1Author 
(Sep 02, 2011)

Aiden pursues Robby on Earth while Antoinette pursues his Glimpse in Alleble, and they finally convert him, sending Robby to Alleble and his Glimpse to Earth. In Alleble, Robby is tempted by Paragor himself, but chooses to stand with King Eliam. As he trains, Alleble prepares for the final battle with Paragor, and finds that ultimately, they can only trust King Eliam.
Wayne Thomas Batson takes the cake in youth fantasy. I only have two adult fantasy series that rival this. The third book was an amazing, edge-of-your-seat conclusion to his Door Within Trilogy. I was very sad to leave the characters; then I read the series again, and again….

Submitted by Vrenith 
(Mar 22, 2011)

Antoinette is still not back from Alleble, and Aiden is worried. She'd already been there longer than he had, and who knows what could have happened? But in Alleble, Antoinette is going through many dangers and perils, and many challenges-- both spiritual and physical.
Again, I compliment Wayne Thomas Batson. This may be the best of the series! I think that this book is one of the best I've ever read. I totally loved the characters, and I was hardly able to put it down. When I went to bed, I could hardly sleep because I wanted tomorrow to come so I could finish that wonderful story. But, now, I miss it, and I think I'll probably read it many more times in my life. Once again, I compliment Wayne Thomas Batson.

Submitted by Rushingwaters 
(Jun 25, 2010)

The Final Storm by Wayne Thomas Batson is the final and most awaited book in the epic Door Within trilogy. Battles are at their peak. The pendulum is swinging. Paragor’s army is greater than immense.The good guy's tiny in comparison. The Final Storm is a wonderful novel and answers the most asked question... will Paragor win?! This gripping novel will not disappoint!

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