Tales From the White Hart by Arthur C. Clarke

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Book Information  
AuthorArthur C. Clarke
TitleTales From the White Hart
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by David E.Wiggins 
(Jan 13, 2006)

I first came across this marvellous little collection of short stories from Arthur C Clarke back in 1983. I was working at Tower Hill in the heart of Central London at the time and badly needed a good book to dig into on the train each morning. Tales from the White Hart was the perfect choice with its wonderfully eclectic collection of stories. One only had to read a few lines to realise this was Clarke at his best. The tales certainly aren't too complex or deep and re-reading them today gives one a perfect impression of the sort of SF that was available during the 50s. Clarke's world, especially in this anthology is one of rocket ships and real science. I also loved the idea of Clarke's cronies sitting huddles around their foaming pints of ale in the snug confines of a ficticious pub right in the heart of London, each with his own tale to tell.

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