New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

  (32 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorStephenie Meyer
TitleNew Moon
SeriesTwilight Series
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Renee Lee 
(Jan 07, 2010)

Here's a factor to remember if you're ever in the company of sofisticated vampires: (okay the likelyhood of that happening is really slim) don't get a papercut. Despite most Twilight fans disliking this book because the main heart throb Edward Cullen is missing in a huge piece of this story, I find New Moon to be the most romantic book out of the series. It is a story of love lost and love defined. Edward breaks up with Bella Swan after she gets a paper cut at a party with his vampire family (sweet Jasper no one blames you). After spending a few months in depression, she visits her friend Jacob who helps her to be herself again. She finds out a secret that he's actually a werewolf *coughs Shapeshifter!* Bella starts doing dumb stuff and almost gets herself killed. It comes to the attention of her vampire sweetheart and danger ensues. Finally united, Bella and Edward realize their love for each other is deeper than the Pacific ocean she almost drowned in.

Submitted by Neil Pascall 
(May 14, 2009)

After enjoying the first book I was surprised to find how slow and boring the second book was. After about 200 pages Bella had been dumped by her boyfriend, fallen of a motorbike and re-befriended Jacob. Don't ask me what happens after that, I gave up on it. There are a few lighter moments, such as "Who would want to ride here? It would be like taking a sixty-mile-per-hour bath.(page 112) That and a few of Bella's witty remarks start the book off in a promising enough fashion, but only too soon the pace slow to a crawl and leaves me glad I did not take up the offer of buying two books for a slightly reduced price. It may eventually get going but I was lost well before the end.

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