Myth Conceptions by Robert Asprin

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Book Information  
AuthorRobert Asprin
TitleMyth Conceptions
SeriesMyth Adventures
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Missouri Person 
(Jan 26, 2007)

This is volume two of the Myth Adventures series of humorous fantasy books that follows the adventures of a not so bright but learning Klahd named Skeeve as he apprentices with a demon of the Pervect race named Aahz. In this particular adventure Skeeve is convinced to audition for a court magician post by Aahz and wins the position. He was told by Aahz that it will be a cushy position with good pay but finds out that he must defend the kingdom against a huge advancing army using his small bag of magic tricks. Here we are introduced to the sexy female character of Tanda, a gargoyle, and other allies. Plot twists abound as Skeeve learns elements of war strategy and deception and fights over overwhelming odds. This book is very good with the same level of interest held and humor maintained as the first good of the series, Another Fine Myth.

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