Tales from Inside the Boerarrium, Science Fiction Vol. I by a.k. otterness

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Book Information  
Authora.k. otterness
TitleTales from Inside the Boerarrium, Science Fiction Vol. I
SeriesMachine-Humanist Library Vol. IX
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Kim Mun Lee 
(Jul 06, 2007)

After reading deeply in 1990s Chinese SF, from Xingyun (Nebula) and Kehuan Dawang (King of Science Fiction) magazines of short tales this year, I read this book of short stories and was very surprised at the author I have not read before. In particular, the Blue, Plantaddict, FogFascist, and the Klotho Trigger were some of best short stories I have read recently. Klotho Trigger is perhaps the best. In the future the Earth has terminally split apart into tiny asteroids flying away from each other, and the only connection of the human is the televised soap opera they all watch and have parts in. Kind of a funnier, more true and sadder version of Ghost in the Shell. Like Xing He, specifically Juedou Zai Wangluo (Duel on the Net), and the American Rudy Rucker, the stories are written of information mathematics, poetry, crazy plots, good characters, and very humorous. A little bit of hard sci fi like by Wang Jinkang also in the stories EggCreetor. I would recommend highly. But of the author I can not find much information and hope there will be a second volume available soon.

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