Hasan by Piers Anthony

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Book Information  
AuthorPiers Anthony
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by HellCold 
(Mar 23, 2007)

Reading fun: 4 of 5
Author's touch: 3 of 5
Storyline: 3 of 5
Material/length: 3 of 5
Persuasion factor: 3 of 5

To cut a long story short without giving away anything, this is a good book with some good story elements. But unlike the usual sort of stories, this one is all about the series of events happening to the unlucky - yet very lucky - Hasan, the main character who seeks adventure, and finds it in plenty...

As the author himself said, this is a remake of one of the stories in the Arabian Nights. You can easily see this yourself the moment you start reading it, but that is not as bad as it might sound; the Arabian Nights have always fascinated me, and I did think many times that I - yes, me - should remake some of them, for they are - if you don't know - short stories of unfortunate events, magic, treachery, and beautiful princesses, but they have much more potential than exploited.

Well, here's one well exploited. Though traditional in every way the word involves, the story was fun and light, and it had a good deal of humor as well.

Overall look: Mediocre book, great for Sindbad admirers...

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