The Alefin Warlock by Drew Cormack

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Book Information  
AuthorDrew Cormack
TitleThe Alefin Warlock
SeriesThe War of Wills
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Chirplefluff 
(May 15, 2007)

The Alefin Warlock is Drew J. Cormack’s debut novel, and the first in his ‘The War of Wills’ series. As the story goes, a great epic struggle has been sparked by the apocalyptic Tower of Iskaran, which inevitably draws together a band of unlikely heroes and alliances.

I would gladly recommend it to anyone. The book has a really unique blend of multiple Fantasy subgenres and is suitable for 12 year olds up to adults. The cover was illustrated by Drew Cormack (an artist by trade) and it is AWESOME! He also has other artwork inside the book.

My highlight is the Champion, Drago su’Hail, who is the most interesting villain I have read about in a long, long time. I am definitely getting the rest of the books when they come out. I especially want to see what happens when the Enslavers of the Stars return, ‘because apparently they REALLY kick butt.

Drew Cormack will simply get better and better and better.

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