Virtual Wiles by Martin Ingham

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Book Information  
AuthorMartin Ingham
TitleVirtual Wiles
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jeremy Twigg 
(Aug 16, 2007)

Virtual Wiles explores the dangers of becoming a prisoner to a simulated world and the potential technology that may be possible, even in our future. The story is a perfect blend between fantasy and the real world, where the lines between reality and make-believe are blurred.

The journey to this virtual world is an escape or vacation for some, while others use it to live out the life they never could have. Virtual Wiles follows Morgan Asher on a mission that leads him to a far off place, and has him questioning what is real—and what is simulated. At times I found myself doubting what was real and what was simulated—as if lost in a simulated world myself. And the only way to get out was to read on and follow Morgan through it.

The detailed description of the surroundings and the characters allowed me to see them as if I was there. When I thought I knew what was coming next, I was blind-sided by the tale. Romance also finds its way into the picture as the plot gets more detailed—and makes things more complicated along the way. The future of two worlds will be forever changed.

The story comes alive with perfect pacing, and the scenes leave a lasting imprint. There is plenty of depth to the characters and I instantly became attached to them. The book is extremely well written and the plot well thought-out. Ingham has created a magnificent journey that left me fulfilled at the end—but still wanting more. The only question left—when is the sequel coming?

Fantastic book! I absolutely recommend it for all ages! Five Stars!

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