The Tower At The Edge of Time by Lin Carter

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Book Information  
AuthorLin Carter
TitleThe Tower At The Edge of Time
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by boye 
(Sep 05, 2007)

This is an unusual fantasy/adventure that shows a meshing of several different influences. Elements of science fiction, sword and sorcery, and Burroughs style planetary adventures all sort of come together in this book. The primary character is Thane, a Conan prototype who travels from planet to planet seeking adventure and! He meets up with some nasty bad guys and takes off into the wastelands with a very hot babe in tow. However, it has all been a setup and soon Thane and his girl are captured and whisked away by a fellow straight out of Flash Gordon. Soon, the bad guys, Thane, his girlfriend, and the gnarly ship captain are off on a journey to find the most fabulous treasure that has ever existed or ever will. Thane is the key to the quest because it seems that he was formerly the guest of some very mysterious monks who safeguarded a fantastic/sacred jewel. Thane accidentally destroyed the jewel but not before it passed its knowledge into our hero....a knowledge that the baddies want to manipulate for evil.

Tower at the Edge of Time is a short, very fast paced, and quite unique little adventure. It will be over before you know it but well worth the diversion. Very recommended if you want something a bit odd.....a nice pulp style epic with a dash of philosophy.

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