Isle of Swords by Wayne Thomas Batson

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Book Information  
AuthorWayne Thomas Batson
TitleIsle of Swords
SeriesIsle of Swords
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Goldarrow 
(Sep 02, 2011)

Isle of Swords is in my small opinion MUCH better then the `Pirates of the Caribbean'. Now before you comment that I'm SO Wrong let me explain.
The story is just as exciting and funny as the movies.

With Red Eye the sword lover, captain Ross the Scottish pirate, Stede the quartermaster, Midge the carpenter with bad breath, Nubby the one handed cook and his spoon, and Jacques St. Pierre the crazy Frenchman. Who would not LOVE the characters of this book?

The plot is good and the story has as many twist and turns as a roller coaster.
Cat the main character is found on the shore of a small cove. Who is he? Not even he knows. And who was the sick man that whipped him near to death with the cat of nine tales? Why?
The villain is one of the best ever and with the bleeding sick, who will dare to keep him form the treasure that he wants so bad?
5 Stars!!!!!

Submitted by SciF1Author 
(Sep 02, 2011)

Declan Ross is a pirate wanting out of the sweet trade. He’s looking for the big haul that can get him and his daughter Anne, out forever. Anne’s one desire is to be a strong pirate. On a stop at an island, they find a teenage boy with no memory whatsoever. They name him Cat and quickly find that he is skilled in pirate tasks. With a monk skilled in both sword and Word as their guide and unexpected help from Cat, they set out to find the monks’ vast treasure. However, ruthless pirate captain Bartholomew Thorne is also after the treasure.
The first installment of this 2 part, maybe 3 part series, was a breathtaking pirate fantasy with some interesting twists and turns. Highly recommended to anyone who likes pirate fantasy.

Submitted by Rushingwaters 
(Jun 25, 2010)

A teenager wakes up, marooned on an abandoned island, brutally injured with no memory of himself, where he came from, or what his purpose is. Could the beautiful rare jewel he finds himself clutching be the key to his identity and even more, his life? Isle of Swords follows a young pirate as he figures out his past life and family. He must face many trials if he wants to find his old life. Will he succeed or give up and start anew?

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