The Golden Cat by Gabriel King

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Book Information  
AuthorGabriel King
TitleThe Golden Cat
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rachel 
(Feb 21, 2008)

Without a doubt, I'm a cat lover. I am also a fan of fantasy. So, how could I resist any fantasy novel about cats? I first stepped into this particular feline fantasy world with "The Wild Road", the first book in this series. Having grown attached to many of the characters of this book's world, I was eager to continue on with the story.

Gabriel King has a very unique writing style. His prose his quick and energetic, making reading his books easy and fast. I found myself quite far into this book before I'd realized it. While his way of writing usually makes for more interesting and fast-paced reading, sometimes it can get muddied down and too repetitive. He has a tendency to get too wordy and metaphoric with his descriptions. Now and again his descriptions create a sense of confusion that causes one not to know exactly how to picture something. Sometimes he doesn't lend much description at all, as with his villain the Alchemist. And so, when it's all said and done, one isn't sure what exactly just took place.

The characters are almost all likable and well developed. They all have a very distinctive personality of their own. My favorites have always been Sealink the globe-trotting calico and Cy the energetic, kittenish tabby. Sealink had a prominent part in the story that took her to my own homeland in the Deep South. New Orleans is her hometown, and the places described there are places I know and have been to, which definitely helped my appreciation of her character and the lengths King went to in order to bring the city to life in his book. I felt that Cy wasn't in the story enough, personally.

The main plot revolves around Pertelot and Ragnar, the King and Queen of cats, and their three kittens, of which one is supposed to be the Golden Cat. Two of these kittens goes missing, and so the King and Queen look to Tag, our original hero, for help in recovering them. In the process of searching for the two missing cats, they discover that something is wrong with the Wild Roads, and evidence begins to point in the direction of the original villain, though they all saw him defeated with their own eyes in the previous book. At some point, the book cuts off into two or three different storylines between the King and Queen, Tag and Leonora, and Sealink.

Overall, I enjoyed the book very much. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes cats. But in the end, I feel as if the story has not entirely been resolved. The ending seemed too simple. There was little, if any struggle, and I was left wondering just exactly what had happened. There was a sense of peace and relief, but not much closure. This leaves me to wonder if the ending was left vague on purpose in case another book would follow.

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