Armageddon's Children by Terry Brooks

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Book Information  
AuthorTerry Brooks
TitleArmageddon's Children
SeriesThe Genesis of Shannara
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Melorinot 
(Mar 09, 2009)

This series is basically a kind of brain candy for young readers. When I was younger his Shannara series had some attraction because the world was so simplistic. The polarities so evident in the characters and plots made it engaging.

Brooks' series, new and old, runs into trouble however when a reader, such as myself, ages. What once attracted me now repulses me. His stories are so predictable and simplistic. Each story arc a near carbon copy of his last book. He doesn't bring anything new to fantasy, but dredges the barrel of other established constructs/characters.

Another frustration is the need to slide into gratuitous violence and sex. Not that I am a puritan, but such a move is a tell-tail sign that a writer is in a creative trough. Brooks' works are shallow at best, a kind of Harry Potterish cookie cutter exercise in creative bile.

Lastly, Brooks has a similar problem that plagues Terry Goodkind or Rowling, he has fallen in love with his characters. I can't stand Goodkind's work because he has wrapped his stories around his characters rather than making them a product of the story, and I find Brooks is the same. Both authors constantly cycle their characters through the exact same challenges, etc.

Brooks has some talent, which is why I think he'd do better colaborating with another author rather than writing on his own.

Submitted by Rob Blackshaw 
(Jan 30, 2009)

What a great Fantasy Book. Ive been looking for this type of book which brings high adventure and depth of plot.Im now about the get the third in the series and look forward with anticipation. Its a book more for Stephen Baxter fans ,who like epic tales.

It brings together the modern world and combines with a taste of Tolkien. It suits not only adults but also those in their teens.Ive not read any other Brooks books. Ive always been largely disappointed with Sci Fi as I cant relate to strange places and obsure names.

This hits the spot

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