Dead Beat by Jim Butcher

  (8 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorJim Butcher
TitleDead Beat
SeriesThe Dresden Files
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by FelicianoMiko 
(Jul 01, 2013)

This is my favorite book in the series so far(but if you haven\'t read the others yet, don\'t bother with this review). Don\'t get me wrong, I like them all, but this is the one that most fully embodies the essence that is Harry Dresden and happens to include a few my own personal favorite things. There are zombies, Lash is still messing with his head, like any good Fallen should, Butters plays a major role, Harry puts on a grey cloak for the first time and there\'s a DINOSAUR! What more could you need?

Okay, I\'ll get serious for half a second, but just half. This, to me, is another major turning point in Harry\'s life and in the overarching plot. This is the first time we see people who are, most likely, part of the black council and we get a real sense of the type of people and the power they can wield. This is the first time I\'ve seen Harry do up against things that really felt too powerful for him to handle. I\'m not certain why I feel that way, except that perhaps the tone of this book takes on a darker feel than those previous. Harry always takes on things that should be able to smoosh him without thinking, but I\'ve never thought before that they might actually smoosh him in earnest. These are the only guys I\'ve seen who don\'t play by the normal rules as we have seen them. And there\'s a point in this book where Harry is in a really bad situation and instead of playing it off with dark humor, he truly feels desperate and angry in a way I\'ve not seen from him before this point. But after this, we\'ll see this kind of anger again.

But don\'t get me wrong, this also has some of the best laugh out loud moments of the series too, so while it does get dark, it\'s never too dark to keep the humor at bay.

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