Backup by Jim Butcher

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Book Information  
AuthorJim Butcher
SeriesThe Dresden Files
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by ellie 
(Mar 09, 2009)

I'm a big Dresden fan so I had to buy this book/novella/short story but I know a lot of people who have not bought it purely because of the price and the value for money aspect of it.

It is a new story, and it is from Thomas's point of view and it is current. I like how Butcher does this with his shorts, he places them in between the books, so this one is between Small Favor and Turn Coat in the timeline. I don't think there was really enough of it. It was a nice little trip with Thomas, but there wasn't a lot of substance to it and it was all over a bit too quickly. There were also other issues like Thomas claiming Harry was one of the top wizards in the world when Harry himself (in all other books) claims he's nowhere near the big leagues, plus the issues with Thomas and magic.

I do wonder (as with the other short stories) whether this ongoing battle that Thomas fights will be incorporated into the next Dresden books or whether we will never hear of it again, as it does sound kind of important!

For the record Thomas is a vampire but as a White Court vamp he's not a blood drinker, he's more of a psychic vampire, they suck energy, expecially from sexual encounters/partners and can easily kill you. Thomas is on the wagon after nearly killing the love of his life.

Problems with the price are especially bad in the UK where the book is selling for 20 Sterling. US recommended retail price is $20!!! I managed to pre-order mine from the US for $13 so I don't feel so bad about the cost. I also know the type and cost of books Subterranean publish as I've bought a few. But it is prohibitive for a lot of people and there are some who wonder why this story was not released as part of an anthology which makes it more affordable.

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