Lord of the Isle by David Drake

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Drake
TitleLord of the Isle
SeriesLord of the Isles
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Emily 
(Nov 23, 2001)

Honestly, if this book became a movie it would be pg13. There is a lot of fight scenes in this novel. Oh but it is a good read. I had lots of fun following the story till the very end. Its like a game of Zelda. There are many obstacles to overcome. I enjoyed all the crazy monsters and magic. you should read this book, but who am I to tell you what to do. I'm just 15. It has enough action and adventure to excite anyone, even you.

Submitted by elvis
(Aug 26, 2000)

I dont like to rag on Fan-fic because it needs all the help it can get, but this book is just bad.  It's hard to explain if you havent read it.  Events happen involving the characters, events that would usually invoke some sort of emotion and curiosity, if not complete traumatization, but they just carry as if such events are commonplace.  to elaborate: a character could have his arm severed, break up with his girlfriend, and be denounced by his God, and he would jsut shrug it off so that the story could continue.  I dont think Mr.  Drake delved into the emotions of the characters enough, which made their actions seem out of the ordinary and pretty mcuh unbelievable.  The setting and ideas on magic are pretty interesting though.

Submitted by Dryad
(Oct 18, 1999)

Lord of the Isles is a book about ordinary people using ordinary talents. Wizards both dark and light are but pawns (literally) in a larger game, one that spans centuries. Due to Drake's writing style I didn't finish the book - ok, I didn't even make it a quarter of the way through - but I recommend it for people who want detailed, well written fantasy. I think the story is interesting, and had I been able to get past Drake's persistent use of tangents that stop the story cold, I think I would have enjoyed this book a whole lot more. *Heaps* better than Terry Goodkind, and an actual end in sight (Jordan, anyone?).

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