FAWCETTA by dalian artanian

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Authordalian artanian
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(Mar 06, 2011)

I bought Fawcetta and I actually bought it because of its cool cover of the chick. I love fantasy books like Star Trek and Star Wars, Dune and others. After reading this SciFi novel I found that this is going to be the next Star Wars. It carries so much action, drama, and a weapon called the (Boezein) For you Star Wars fans like myself, if you thought the light saber was cool, you should read about the Guardians weapon in this book. I love the characters and the whole story line, love the fact that one can relate to it in every way. I thought earning the right of passage in the coliseum was mind blowing, if only something like that exzisted in our world, that would be sooo cool!! I wounder if they will ever make this into a game. If you Star Wars and Star Trek fanatics have not read Fawcetta, do so, it's a great read and a cool new world to get into, can't wait to read the sequel.


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