Chaw Den by Pat Catlett

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Book Information  
AuthorPat Catlett
TitleChaw Den
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Helen Kerslake 
(Oct 14, 2009)

“Chaw Den” is the exciting final installment in a fantasy trilogy by Pat Catlett, following on from his previous books “The Ring of Naar” and “The Wolf and The Worm”. Iridan has been left devastated by the loss of his wife and unborn child, and is currently seeking refuge in the kingdom of Shekul after being forced to flee his homeland. Can he overcome his personal demons and embrace the role he was destined to play in order to rid the land of the corruption which has settled within Su’Meeryn?
The story is a fantastic blend of politics, war, mystery and personal conflict. I particularly enjoyed the well-written sections featuring Jaleph and Ut which left you feeling uncomfortable at the realization that evil can lurk anywhere, and that the rulers we should be able to place our trust in are not immune to manipulation or weakness. A number of sub-plots following the experiences of characters within the various fighting forces kept the story moving and offered a well-balanced view of events. It was good to see a scenario where people who had previously been on the same side were made to fight each other, breaking away from the classic good vs evil battle. Even some characters who you might have taken a dislike to still had redeeming qualities, or you could at least understand why they acted in a particular way.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Chaw Den” and discovering the answers to the mystery surrounding Naar which has been the backbone of this trilogy.

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