Enchanter's End Game by David Eddings

  (61 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Eddings
TitleEnchanter's End Game
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Ben Jackson 
(Oct 14, 2006)

I read this book about ten years ago and recently re-read it. As you always get with Eddings, a fantastic story. Unfortuneately, his dialogue on occasion seems a little laboured.
The book will grip you, but I feel compelled to say that it will not be in the same way as the previous four in the series.

Submitted by Nick Francis 
(Apr 05, 2004)

I wish there was a tenth star, because this book is one of the most addictive I have ever read. I find the way that even when nothing exciting is happening in the stary, I am still enthralled by its wide range of language techiques, personal style and completely original ideas.

The battle of Thull Mardu where the kingdoms of the west, under the command of Ce'Nedra, lay siege to the walled city of Thull Mardu in order to distract them (the Thulls and other Angaraks) so that king Anheg's fleet can pass is extremely well written and, in my opinion, has no flaws what-so-ever. The characters are all perfectly developed, from the main character Garion (or Belgarion) right down to incidental characters such as Grinneg (Barak's cousin), Droblek (the Drasnian ambassader to Nyissa), Issus (the Nyissan asassin) and Y'diss (the arrogant eunuch at Salmissra's palace). The only flaw is its mind-consuming addictivity.

David Eddings is truly one of the best modern-fantasy writers of all time.

Submitted by 
(Aug 16, 2002)

The Book Enchamter's End Game is one of the best books I have ever read. A very good and exciting book to end a very good and exciting series. The attention to detail Eddings uses is great. The war in Thulldom and the meeting of the gods are so well written I can see them vividly in my mind's eye as clear as if I were witnessing them firsthand. The subtle and not so subtle romantic relationships all come together in this one book finishing up The Belgariad.

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