Devolve by Eric Radulski

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Book Information  
AuthorEric Radulski
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Clay 
(Oct 19, 2009)

I think Radulski must have woken up one day and thought "What the hell is the point?" His imagination shook off its shackles and voila - here we have Devolve, a dark short story that'll probably leave you wondering the same thing Radulski did. This story is a grim, painfully vivid account of poor David who's job and life leave much to be desired. A job and life that's not uncommon today. Devolve starts at this bottom point and successfully digs deeper, sending David on a weird trek that may reveal what the future holds in a bleak extended metaphor. This is a bit of a departure from Radulski's other stories, but he pulls it off effectively with his refreshingly blunt and graphic writing style. He doesn't hold back, which may turn some folks off, but it's this brutal honesty that makes Devolve so good. As for the recording itself - the narration is clear and well read. The backing music and sound effects are tastefully done, adding a bit of flavor without dominating. Thumbs up!!

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