Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Eddings
TitlePawn of Prophecy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by dotd 
(Nov 16, 2009)

If you like books where theres a good begining and where it gives alot of info about where the character began then you'll like this book and the others in the series.The book is a little slow in the beining i'll idmit but its worth it to wade your way though and continue the series.This book is basicly backround information on the main character Garion and his changing world,feelings and people.Read this book and you wont reget it.The series also falls into a usual pattern and you need to read the fist book to love,like and understand.

Submitted by Amal Singh 
(May 07, 2009)

I just finished reading "Pawn of Prophecy". It is a deftly written book, with the emphasis being on the character development. I enjoyed it very much, and immediately went on to read the sequel. Garion is nicely portrayed, although he is too much of a hero. Action in this book comes in the very end, but the book has enough strength in the plot to keep the reader hooked. Eddings has done a masterful job, and I would recommend this book to every fantasy enthusiast.

Submitted by Panama 
(Mar 10, 2009)

The whole The Belgariad/The Mallorean series have been my favorite set of books ever in my whole life. The first time I read through these books I was 12 years old, now I'm 26 and I've read through the whole series multiple times in my life in fact once so far this year. Now on the Pawn of Prophecy. Ok, now for some this gets off to a slow start, but if you look beyond the fact that there is no immediate action you realize you are being drawn in to the characters personalities and the characters are being created masterfully in front of you. David Eddings made a masterpiece in just beginning the journey by the masterful way he wrote this book. If you read the whole series you really step back and realize how many references are made within that are all tied together later on in the series. Everything that David laid out in Pawn of Prophecy is later made completely clear through the series with the masterful way he ties everything together. My suggestion is anyone who is thinking about reading this book do so, and then proceed through the rest of the series, these books have been great friends to me.

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