The Diamond Throne by David Eddings

  (62 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Eddings
TitleThe Diamond Throne
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Christopher 
(May 15, 2007)

This book is one of those books that keep you interested but the way the characters act toward each other leaves something hanging. The behavier in this book is obviously that of people that are confused at the things happening around them. Don't get me wrong if an all powerful god had it in for me I'd be scared to. The main characters are all in a position of power which is in their favor but there are elements at work to stop them at all cost's. Sparhawk for example is in the position were he can call on the resorces of the other knight's through the church. But the most mysteries person in this whole story is Sephrenia there is so much untold about her past.

All in all this is an interesting start to a series that could be quite intense and I'm definatly looking foward to the next one.

Submitted by Mark 
(Oct 11, 2002)

I feel this book to be a good opener for Sparhawk and for the Elenium, it is filled with bright new characters and a large land (which the Redemption of Althatlus lacked. Just the land part though) It is a very good book, not Eddings best but after I read this I went straight to The Ruby Knight to find out what happened next. A good piece of work from David Eddings and a credit to his name.

Submitted by 
(Aug 02, 2001)

In my entire life I have never read a better book.The characters go deep, the humour is good,and the all around plot is this book along with several others from England first started The Eye of the World when I decided to open the diamond throne. After the first page I dropped all my other reads. I would literally stay up well pass midnight to get in a hundred pages or so of Eddings. I am currently just about to go out and get the Hiddin City and I have no doubt it will Rock. My opinion is if you haven't read the Diamond Throne, you haven't lived.

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