The Lion Vrie by Christopher Hopper

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Book Information  
AuthorChristopher Hopper
TitleThe Lion Vrie
SeriesThe White Lion Chronicles
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jake 
(Sep 02, 2011)

Adriel has fallen.

The impact of this hits all the corners of Dionia. Adriel, the cornerstone of their world, has fallen to Morgui, and the murderous Dairne-Reih are raging across Dionia. But even worse is the threat of the fallen. Men are turned against men, and the true malice of Morgui is revealed as the pages of the Lion Vrie turn. It seems like all is lost.

Luik and the remnants of Dionia flee to Mt. Dakka, and work begins on fortifying it. But can it sustain the wars of Morgui? And what will become of the Dibor? News of Luik's fellow Dibor have all but vanished from Dionia. Wreckage is found everywhere, and the kings of Dionia are lost. As Morgui's schemes grow and his noose grows tight, a desperate hope in a legend, a summons, and faith in the Most High is all that can save them--but will it be enough?

The Lion Vrie picks up where the Rise of the Dibor ended--the fall of Adriel. The suspense grows higher, and the die is cast for the fate of the world. Echoes from Earth reveal an unbelieveable prophecies of momentous proportions.

Christopher Hopper succeeds in writing an epic tale well worth reading, a tale that will make your heart leap with joy and sorrow to weigh it down--a believeable story about the faithfulness of the Most High and His plans, with truths abounding. The Lion Vrie is even better than its previous--it will grip your heart and never let go.

Submitted by Rushingwaters 
(Jun 24, 2010)

What if all you knew was lost? What if Destruction surrounded you? How would you rebuild? And where would you turn for help? Would you believe in God? The Lion Vrie is a wonderful, classic book with love, hate, war, and dilemma. This novel by esteemed author Christopher Hopper contains many twists and turns in the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed these books by Christopher Hopper and cannot wait to read more by him!

Submitted by Jett Green 
(Jan 22, 2010)

This is the second of a fantastic series by Christopher Hopper, author of The White Lion Chronicles, and co-author of The Berinfell Prophecies.
In the beginning of The Lion Vrie, Dioniaís armies are scattered and few. The kings of Dionia have been lost. The dead are limitless. And the Fallen are attacking their own race, without a single moment of hesitation. This is also bad because those that are not Fallen and are in disarray are not expecting their own race to turn on them. However, a remnant of Dioniaís people have escaped to Mount Dakka, a mountain peak in the north. Luik, son of Lair, makes a slow recovery. Later, before a long and cold inussle, or winter, Luik travels to find Anorra; fore she hasnít been seen for many tens of days. Once again, he returns nearly dead, alive only from the courtesy of the Most High. And then, the snow, wind, and cold hit Mount Dakka. But against expectations, spirits remain high in the Mountain, and shouts of laughter ring through the streets. After the cold is gone, Luik sets to work fortifying Mount Dakka, fore he is sure that Morgui will attack it.
And then, Luik travels to the city of Ot. There, he is anointed High King of Dionia, and when he returns to Mount Dakka, he crowns the kings of the lands of Dionia. Next, Luik discovers the Order of the White Lion, or the Lion Vrie. But will the new Kings and the new Lion Vrie be enough to defeat the evil and trickery of Morgui?

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