Death In The Family by Charlaine Harris

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Book Information  
AuthorCharlaine Harris
TitleDeath In The Family
SeriesSookie Stackhouse - Southern Vampire
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by L. Sheridan 
(Jul 27, 2010)

What a disappointment. Having read the previous nine books several times as well as all of the short stories, I feel so cheated by Harris this time round. The book is a little over 300 pages long, but only because of the generous margens and the large spacing between lines. With that in mind it might not suprise anyone that I feel as though I've been cheated by Harris, in her delivering not a novel, but approximately three short stories bundled into one. There is no proper plot, it's more like an interim report of Sookie's healing-phase, which is by no means uninteresting but - come on - not for a whole book.
Harris should've done as she usually does. She should have kept these short stories short, and she should've written us a proper book. I know I've been waiting long enough, but I'd rather have waited longer for a book of a bit of substance.

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