Fortune's Wing by Nicole Woolaston

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AuthorNicole Woolaston
TitleFortune's Wing
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(Oct 12, 2010)

This was the first work I have read by Nicole Woolaston; she's a new author. The plot of "Fortune's Wing" is very interesting. A young man learns he will grow a single wing on his eighteenth birthday, and that he is part of a prophecy to save (or possibly destroy) the world. The main character, Fortune Oyama, grows a single left wing, and goes on a quest to find the right wing and complete the set. His friends accompany him, however, Fortune soon discovers other people are after the right wing. Fortune engages in battles with sorcerers who intend to use the wings for an evil purpose.

The characters are well developed: the relationships between Fortune and his friends is presented as an unbreakable bond. Fortune and his sister Haverdy seem to share a special connection. The dialogue is well written; the darker moments when Fortune and his friends are under attack, are lightened by humorous exchanges between the characters. The violence is moderate, and there is no profanity, so the story is appropriate for readers age thirteen and older. The "cliffhanger" ending suggests there will be a sequel....I certainly hope so.

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