Burning Stone by Kate Elliott

  (8 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorKate Elliott
TitleBurning Stone
SeriesCrown of Stars
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Bethany
(Oct 27, 2000)

This was an awesome book.. I found it confusing at first but maybe that's because I didn't read the two books that came before this one in the series..
I fell in love with the characters and how the author wove several stories into one throughout the book
 For most of the book I found Zacharias and kansi to be pretty boring
I hated stupid 5th son THAT was boring
I hated tallia with such a passion i wouldve liked to wring her scrawny little neck .. she was so selfish and demented  .. alain was to good for her...
I love that liath and sanglant were together and that they had a child ..
I absoulutely delighted in the mysteries that were solved every once in a while in the book ..
This author is amazing .. she has very good (and broad)use of vocabulary and definetly knows how to weave a good story.. This book is a 10 and is now one of my favorites.

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