Silverthorn by Raymond E. Feist

  (66 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorRaymond E. Feist
SeriesRiftwar Saga
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 12, 2005)

The ability to develop so many amazing characters in one book is demonstrated masterfully by Feist in Silverthorn. Any one of the characters featured in the assembled band in Silverthorn could easily have had a whole book devoted solely to them, combined they a collection of varying personas who provide for exciting reading.

Submitted by Sean N 
(Dec 12, 2002)

This book is not better than the Magician but it's still a pretty good sequel, worth reading not only to find out what has become of Arutha as the Prince of Krondor or Pug as he builds his magician academy of Stardock. But for the rest of the characters also including Tommy, Laurie, Kasumi, Carline, Lyam, Martin, Meecham, Kulgan, Anita, Gardan, Tully, Katala, Pug's son and the more suprisingly Jimmy the Hand who not only now takes on a main character (along with Pug and a lot more so Arutha) role but takes it on real well. With his quick wit, street knowledge and stealthy ways of getting information. Some more characters get introduced as well; such as a tough hillman, Lauries childhood friend, a Keshian Prince, a power wielding priest and the ENEMY (which is pretty damn scary).

The book is now set in the second largest city in the kingdom, Kronder. You will also be introduced to the lands of the Dark Elves, Stardock, Tsuranni Northlands and Sarth. This book still keeps the Riftwar saga alive with humour, courage, drama, honour, magic and a little bit of romance also.

Some more benefits of reading this book is some really cool "events" involving the Elves just read and find out. Pug even eventually gets to go back to Tsuranni and travel north for a reason which I don't want to spoil, where he gets to speak to a Thun c'mon how cool's that. There is only a few things I would of liked to see such as a bit more involvement by the Dwarves for they are my favourite race and Tommy should of been in the book more than 3 times or whatever but I suppose he gets a main part in the sequel to Siverthorn so not to worry. It also would of been nicer if the book was longer like the Magician is although The Magician used to be two books.

All in all Siverthorn is a good sequel to the best fantasy book ever written (not the best series which goes to The Lord of the Rings of course) and will please any reader and put any fantasy lover like myself in joyous delight well maybe not that far but you will like it.

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