Hidden Warrior by Lynn Flewelling

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Book Information  
AuthorLynn Flewelling
TitleHidden Warrior
SeriesTamir the Great Triad
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rob Roy 
(Feb 01, 2005)

I must say that I loved this book. I thought the Bone Doll's Twin was just a bit better, but this one was still great. It had many events, both large and small occur and a few surprises unleashed. This is the first series that I have read by Lynn and I must say that I love the way she writes. She is very descriptive, but not so much that it drags the story down. She lets you see the terrific world she has created, without making it boring.

In this book, Tobin is sent to capital and joins the prince's companions. It is very interesting how she/he must face all the challenges and trials of becoming a man, when she is in fact not one. At long last Tobin's uncle, King Erius comes into play. The very king that would have killed Tobin, if it were not for the magic that transformed her into a boy. The very king that would kill him now if he found out. The relationships with the other companions, his squire Ki and brother, his dead twins spirit are played out in a very interesting manner.

Tobin is not the only one who is busy in this volume however. The harriers continue to hunt down and execute their fellow wizards and some decide that they will stand for it no longer. Instead of existing in solitude, they begin to gather and share thier knowledge in small groups.

Tobin finally reveals heself for what she is at the end of the book and rallies her countrymen to fight for her against their enemy. The battle tide is turned in thier favor, but when a surprise is revealed at the end, it is clear that all is not well and the next book will be a hell of a read. I can't wait.

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