the Bone Doll's Twins by Lynn Flewelling

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Book Information  
AuthorLynn Flewelling
Title the Bone Doll's Twins
SeriesTarim the Great Triad
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rob Roy 
(Jan 27, 2005)

This book is just fantastic. I had never read anything by Lynn before and reading the back cover had me very interested in checking this book out. The tale is very imaginative and very well written. This book had me spellbound from the minute I started reading it. It is a tale of kingdom where a prophecy was told that as long as a woman ruled, the kingdom was safe from it's enimies. For a long time warrior queens sat in the throne and the kingdom was safe. Now an ursurper King sits in the throne and the lands are plagued by drought, plauge and attacks from their enemy. The king will do anything to ensure that his son will rule after him. Women of the royal bloodline begin to die in strange accidents, no matter how far removed they are from the king. WIzards have recieved visions, showing the next warrior queen that will save the kingdom and they must act before an "accident" occurs and ends her life. The wizards enlist a witch(different kind of magic) to aid them in this. When the kings sister gives birth to twins, the female is allowed to live, but the male is not. The male however takes his first breath and his spirit becomes earthbound to haunt those envolved. The female is given the form of the male and vice versa to ensure it's safety. The magic is strong, but does not fool the mother, who in turn goes mad from what the wizards, witch and her husband have done to her baby. The warrior queen is raised away from court for her/his safety. The child must deal with the haunting of her/his demon twin, the madness of his mother, sadness of his father over what has transpired and the solitude that has been imposed on her/him. The king still seeks any female who lives and threatens his sons place as king. He has turned the wizards against themselves by creating the harriers, who seek out and kill any who oppose the king and many innocents too.

That about sums up the tale without giving anything away. The book is by far one of the best I have read. The Author has a great style of writing and the characters have depth and feel to them. You really care about what happens to them. I couldn't put it down. I give this book my highest recommendation and if you have not read it, I suggest you do so. Fantastic book.

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