Ravenheart by David Gemmell

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Gemmell
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Maurice 
(Aug 01, 2003)

Ravenheart is the third novel by David Gemmell in his series following the Rigante, a people whose culture resemble the Scottish. Gemmell deviates from more magical roots, now introducing muskets, this however does not lessen the impact of this truly great novel.

It begins with a death and ends with one as well, carrying the deeper theme of sacrifice in a world, which has evolved a long way from Sword in The Storm and Midnight Falcon, mainly that the proud people of Rigante have been conquered by the Varlish. The Varlish have perverted the history of the Rigante, calling Connavar (Hero of the first novel) a Varlish. He shows an interesting aspect of how history is changed by whoever rules and history is manipulated, but this is just a microcosm of a greater plot.

It is mainly about people gaining indpendence from oppressors and this novel is only the beginning, leading to a man's death that will slowly spark a revolution.

The cast is dominated by males, Jaim Grymauch and Kaelin Ring being the central characters. They are both very interesting characters and very likeable. Maev Ring is the only memorable female in the book, she is portrayed as very strong of will and quite cold, but with reason, making her another powerful character.

One of the main reasons that makes this one of Gemmell's best novels is that he hasn't rushed the ending, which he ususally does with his great novels. Ravenheart is filled with great pacing and with an ending that will leave you satisified and wanting the next book in his series.

Submitted by Jan Doets 
(Dec 12, 2002)

After reading the first 2 novels in the Rigante saga, I was surprised to see that Ravenheart plays some 800 years after the last books.
Things have drastically changed for the Rigante. The Rigante are the only true clan who are still intact somewhat, there's no mention of the Pannone, or Norvii. All have been conquered by the Varlish, the decendents of the Vars.

It's fascinating to read how things have developed in these 800 years. The fact that the Vars have been heavily influenced by the Veiled Lady is one. Gunpowder has been invented, and the Varlish rule most of the known world. Connavar has been named a Vars king, hence his name Conn of the Vars.
Follow the life of young Kaelin, descendent of Connavar. He finds what it's like to be a true Rigante, with his friend and uncle Jaim Grymauch. He falls in love with the daughter of Call Jace, the leader of the so-called Black Rigante. These are a small band of hardcore Rigante, who have survived oppression by living in the mountains, the famed Caer Druag.

A new War is coming, and it's clear that Kaelin is going to be at the center of it, but will he be alone?

Great book, a must read. Even though it feel rather strange when you start to read it, it's certainly worth it!

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