Stormrider by David Gemmell

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AuthorDavid Gemmell
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by hkbasravi 
(Oct 03, 2010)

I read Ravenheart on my off time 5 years ago, and became acquainted with Eldacre, the Rigante Mountains, Varlish cities, and of course the numerous, well written male and female characters that populated these forested towns, cities, and villages.

So many years passed and I found myself wondering: "what happened to Chain Shada?" Jaim saved his life. Huntsekker promised to keep his word, and Seeton got slaughtered for intending to break his word. But what happened to Chain Shada? Did he ever return to Rigante lands?

Anyway, with this thought popping up in my mind, I decided to check on my favorite fiction author, and found that his wife found him slumped over his computer, having passed away amidst writing his book, Troy. He shall be missed.

So I ordered the next edition of the Rigante series, Stormrider to see which side of the war Chain Shada joined. I've been reading it eagerly and with an addictitious engrossment. Anyone who has read Ravenheart should definitely move onto the next edition of the saga. Character writing at its best.

Submitted by Canelle 
(Jun 14, 2005)

Having foolishly picked up the wrong book (Stormrider instead of Sword in the Storm) I thought I might as well read it. Needless to say the others were ruined after but oh well! I fell in love with the character Gaise Macon, with his struggle to make his father the Moidart recognise that he existed, he captured my heart. I despised him at first but grew to love him the more I read. Kaelin was an amazing character at the beginning but the more I read the more I disliked him. The story line was great with just the right amount of everything in it. The way that the Moidart was loved at the end was great and how he missed Gaise at the end showed great strength of the character that David Gemmell has written. Fantastic book. Shame it was the last in the series. :-(

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 19, 2003)

Having read virtually every book that Gemmell has ever written I was greatly anticipating Stormrider. For various reasons I had great trouble locating a copy and have only just managed to finish reading it. All I can say is that I do not at all regret the wait, Gemmell has once again succeeded in creating a work for the ages. The previous books in the Rigante series were all fantastic (the series probably coming as a close second favourite of mine to his Drenai series) and Stormrider was a fine way to conclude the saga. Gemmell is a rare author in that he is one of the few author's whose writing lets you live the part of not just one but several characters all at once. I have never experienced a style such as Gemmell's from any other author and once again in Stormrider he did not disappoint. The book follows the life of a young nobleman named Gaise Macon, we know him already from the previous book Ravenheart so it is more than wlecome to get to know the character. The book has everything that a good read requires, a strong plot, suspense, action, emotion and fantastic chracters. Despite the fact that I have just finished reading Stormrider I am at this moment picking it up to live the adventure all over again. Highly recommended to all lovers of good Fantasy.

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