Sword In the Storm by David Gemmell

  (93 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Gemmell
TitleSword In the Storm
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Alexander  
(Jun 29, 2010)

I have just read Sword in the Storm for the fifth time. Every time i have read it I have absolutely loved It, the book is truly epic. Gemmel has the ability to create a world you can almost believe in. The hero Connovar is just so human, he can actually make mistakes... You can love him at times, and in some occasions you can hate him! and think him such an idiot for a decision he can make! The book is so gripping that you can finish a chapter and then spend the rest of your day thinking "if only Con had done this!!" Most people who read this book will agree with me saying that in Sword in the Storm you truly feel for the characters. Gemmel had a talent of creating charaters that you grow to love, it saddens me that he has past away for i still cannot find an author that can live up to his standards of writing, and i don't believe i ever will. Read this book, it will definitely change your life...

Submitted by jack 
(Apr 09, 2009)

I realy enjoyed this book one of my favourites but i feel the character conavar pales in comparison to some of gemmels other heroes seeming to me a person more given to base actions i found an event towards the end almost turned me against him completaly i thought he was undoutably very cool but just lacked certain qualities i would expect from a hero of his caliber and when i finally finished the book i couldnt decide wheter i liked him or not but overall a briliant book packed with action and fantasticaly written.

Submitted by Charlie  
(Mar 09, 2009)

Sword in the Storm is a stunning book. It will have your eyes glued to the pages from start to finish. Gemmel writes with vigour and his use of short sharp description added with humour at times makes an excellent and compelling read. Gemmel particularly impresses me with the way he puts across his characters that you either love or hate. I particularly like the fact that with the main characters Gemmel gives you a background which allows you to become more attached to the characters. I think he also adds a lot of the characters emotions within the book as well as there view of people and surroundings which allows you to like the characters all the more. Beware though do not get too attached to the characters seen as Gemmel kills them off without mercy at times. If Gemmel does not capture your imagination with his characters then the adventure side of the book will definitely impress upon you. His detailed knowledge at times will also fascinate. Overall a wonderful read and one that will capture you again and again.

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