Knights of Dark Reknown by David Gemmell

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Book Information  
AuthorDavid Gemmell
TitleKnights of Dark Reknown
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Arijit Dasgupta 
(Apr 14, 2005)

Some years ago, the legendary knights of Ganala disappeared into the gates of Hell, save one, who chickened out. Now the land is in trouble, with fierce red knights spreading mayhem and chaos, with the full support of the king. So, the chicken knight will have to ride into the gates of hell to find his brethren. A gloomy book this is, with it's gloomy scenarios, and gloomy heroes. But at the same time, it is quite a touching moment when a greedy robber decides to fight, not for glory, but to save people. As usual, there is no clear demarcation of characters, neither good , nor evil. Everybody is fighting for what they believe in, like the Nazi like philosophy of the king (death to all Nomads). A good paced book, but in my opinion, falls way short of Gemmell's Drenai works.

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