Count Zero by William Gibson

  (14 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorWilliam Gibson
TitleCount Zero
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rehan Wasti 
(Sep 30, 2002)

Finished the book in 2 days straight! And wow!

I had read Neuromancer about 12 years ago. Didn't get a lot of that - it flew over my head then. In those days I had a C=64 and played Neuromancer (the game) on it and fell in love with it.

As I was reading Count Zero - it all flashed back in front of my eyes: Ono-Sendai decks - AI, ICE, cowboys, angels, matrix, Ashpool, Gentlemen Loser, Chiba, Maas Bios.... list goes on!!

The book is KICK ASS!! :) :) :)

Gibson's vocabulary is so picturesque that it strikes you in the face with such amazing imagery - that you feel you are there. I mean, its simply amazing the way he can describe 5 parts of the world in 1 sentence and make it a profound statement with it too. Simply amazing! You can take a single paragraph - and see that he moves with unlimited imagery from one sentence to another. Mind candy. :)

Another thing is pace: Tense - and super-fast! Not a single line out of place or redundent.

A master writer - whom I now am able to understand - gets better with time - and understanding. Gibson throws in a lot of references he has established from his previous writings - so it may confuse a novice reader at first.

Salutes to Gibson. May he keep writing for many many years to come.

Submitted by Tor Lindberg
(May 29, 2000)

This book is breathtaking!

I've just read the last page and I just had to wright this down.

read it! read it! read it! after you've read Neuromancer of course. If you like sci-fi this is the writer for you, he is even better than Arthur C Clarke and Philip K Dick.

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