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Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Anonymous
(May 30, 1999)

Again we journey to the world of Richard Cypher in this the fifth book of Terry Goodkinds Sword of truth series. We last left our
heroes in the grips of passion as they celebrated their wedding, but before the night was through, a new threat appeared. Kahlan by
calling on the three chimes...Reechani....Vasi...Sentrosi...To save Richard from death by the plague, has also let them cross the veil into
the world of the living. The chimes using fire, water and air seduce people to their deaths, but that is not all, The chimes were a spell
cast by wizards of the past to counter magic, once the chimes are loose, the world of magic starts to die. Even as our heroes set out to
find a way to banish the chimes back to the under world their magic is failing. Meanwhile Emperor Jagang and his huge army slowly but
surely march on into the Midlands, threatening to take over Anderith and use itís awesome weapon, the Dominie Dirtch to destroy
Richard and his army in one foul swoop. Richard must balance the needs of the people in his new empire against the need to
destroy the chimes. Richard and Kahlin realize that in traveling to Anderith, not only will they have a chance at stopping Jagang, but
Anderith also has something to do with the chimes. Can Richard figure out how to stop these unseen stalkers of the soul, and save the
world of magic, because for a wizard, there is no place more dangerous than a world without magic. I feel that Terry has gone to sleep
during this book, it is not up to the standard of the other four, but it is still a good read and kept me amused for a couple of weeks.
Bring on book six.

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