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Stone of Tears by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by WhiteDragonMaster 
(Aug 30, 2002)

I have read this book and I must say that it is amazing. It is one of the best books that i have read in a long time. The way he captures the readers in cliffhangers, the out standing detail, the amazing adventures. I have been a D.N.D. player for 8 years and when i read wizards first rule i whas shocked by the way he can capture his imagination and put it on paper. So for all those people out there with or without an active imagination, read his books trust me its worth it!

Submitted by A.Langdale 
(Jan 09, 2002)

Wizards first rule was a gripping novel it had me reading it for hours on end, I couldnt put it down. When I picked up Stone of Tears at the library I was suprised that it was longer than Lord of the Rings. I thought to myself "This is going to take me ages to read" after taking at least a year and a half to read the Fellowship of the Ring becuase I kept reading other books in between. But when I picked it up and started reading I was engrossed in it and found that in what seemed 10-20 minutes I had already read 11 chapters and I had been reading for 1hr and a half. It took me no longer than 2 weeks to read it and it was filled with drama,violence,romance,adventure and excitement.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 14, 2001)

While these books are enjoyable on one level they are NOT enjoyable on another for myself. The main thing that really got to me was the mass abundance of rape in these books. Every other chapter a woman is being raped and murdered. Granted its more realistic to the feeling he is trying to portray he has turned me away from the books while doing it.

Second not enough good happens to offset all of the bad that happens. You need to strike a balance to keep your readers reading.

Third some of the similarities to Robert Jordans books are uncanny. I am not talking plotwise but right down to the social structure and items used. Its kind of sad really. I do not know if he meant to copy or if it was on accident but it kind of ruined it for me.

It is a good series I just wish he would cut back on the rape so I don't leave feeling sick to my stomach and make good things happen more often. Or less bad things. The characters getting split up and making stupid moves in book two really ruined my enjoyment of the book. I guess you could say I cared for the characters enough that I didn't like all the turmoil that happened but it wasn't a good way. It has made me decide not to waste anymore money on his books.

Submitted by Eric Shaughnessy
(Dec 04, 2000)

Read this book!! That is all I can say, besides, Goodkind creates likable characters with whom any fantasy "Buff" will relate to.

Submitted by James Fire
(Oct 20, 2000)

Tears of Stone is a very appropriate title for this book, in that it refers to the device that is integral to the solution to the dilemma faced by Richard, the Seeker; also because thats how this story left me at the end of it all: IN TEARS!!

Rarely have I read a book that has such HEART, and the characters are so life like: I can almost hear their voices, and SEE them so vividly. I described what my experience was reading this book to a friend of mine:

Its more like watching a movie, than reading a book. The plot and the characters flow so seamlessly in time with the web Mr Goodkind weaves with all the intricate grace of a miestro composer.

I have grown even more in my admiration and respect for Richard, Kahlan, Zedd, Adie, and all the rest.  I was a little puzzled by Kahlans tactics in getting Richard to put on the Rada'han... seemed that there was alot of unnecessary turmoil she caused in the manner in which she coerced him to do that, rather than being straight forward with him, and relate the vision she saw of Denna...  but then again, given the enormous aversion Richard had of collars, perhaps he wouldnt have believed her anyways.  In any event, that situation made for tremendous drama towards the end of the story!

This tale shows all the more Richards determination and resourcefulness, and his stalwart endeavors at avoiding violence at all costs. Even after he is brought into captivity to the Sisters Of Light, he is remarkably self controlled, considering his past experiences with Mistress Denna and the Agiel.

It also shows us a different side of Kahlan, and her skills and prowess of as leader and martial tactician.

I very much enjoyed this story, and the way these characters have grown; especially how Richards relationship with Sister Verna grew from what it was, to how it was left at the end of the tale. It was one SERIOUSLY excellent COME BACK when Richard told her not to hate him because of how she had to leave her love on account of her mission to seek out the one with 'the gift', only to have her turn the tables on him! Wow, great!

Another good aspect is how the Seeker is able to almost instinctively know how to approach any given situation, showing strong intuitive perceptions. Someone who reviewed Wizards First Rule stated that he has an almost 'Kirkian' mannerism in his ability to "think of the solution, not the problem."

Others have criticized Goodkinds books saying that they are poorly written, or carbon copys of other authors works, well...

I laughed, cried, and grew angry at the things that happened in these first Two installments, and was left very satisfied, and smiling. So, to me, I think theyre fantastic! And as far as being copies from other peoples works? I dont know, I dont read a large variety of fantasy, so I wouldnt know. I do realize, however that the writing of literature often has certain archtypes, even as George Lucas has stated, that are replete throughout the realm of literature. Certain kinds of heroes, villians, and themes, conflicts and plots, that repeat themselves, with variation of tone and environment.

On the whole, Id say that T. Goodkind has done his work exceptionally well, and I applaud his work whole heartedly.

Feel free to email me with any comments. Thank you.

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