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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by tequila Rueda 
(Jan 12, 2010)

I am reading the whole series for the second time now. Now, when I read these incredible books eight years ago, of course I only got to the "Pillars of Creation" and that was were it ended. Yet I am now on "Temple of the Winds" in less than a month (with being a single mother of 2 even) and it still has me so intrigued its amazing. I have never been a reader and a good friend of mine asked me to read some of the first book and if I didnt like it, to stop, I never did. It actualy becomes an escape to me of my normal crazy days. I wish so much I could talk one on one with MR. Goodkind as I would love to actually put words to my appreciations for his books. I am very excited to read the books I have not yet, but still I want to go through the whole series again, because as you do you fing things you missed the first time around. I dream about Richard and Kahlan, and many of the other amazingly strong women such as Verna, Shota, Cara, Prelate Ann, and so many more of the wonderful and terrifying characters. They become so real to me, and I feel there is a great lesson learned in each "rule" of the wizards that we should actually be using in our day to day lives. I just cant express enough how amazing the whole series is. What I would really like to see done is it be put into movies. Hell Harry Potter would have nothing over this incredulous story. I am a huge Harry Potter fan but nothing can compare to "The Sword of Truth" novels. I already have songs, actors, settings and all that would make an outstanding movie series. Think on it. I love your work so much. Please send me some kind of response I would love to hear what you would thind of this idea, and I would be more than honored to work with such a great writer. I have excellent visions and know the book so well. I think you would be pleased to see some of my ideas. Now I have no idea of how to get a movie on screen, but I sure could do a lot in between if given the chance. I am just a single mother of two baby boys living in central PA, but you never Know untill you try, Right? Thank you and I hope against hope you may read and want to see my vision of your master work. Thank you
always a loyal reader Tequila Rueda

Submitted by ColeJack 
(Nov 16, 2009)

I'm really unhappy about how bad this book is. Yes I did read some bad reviews but most were not and there is a whole series - so I thought it must have some merit.

If it wasn't for the graphic horror, I would say it must have been written for the young adolescent crowd. There is no depth to these characters - in particular Richard - who isn't even likable. The bad guys are soooo bad and all the author's prejudices are thrown into their characters: vegaterian pedophile communists - a pathetic attempt to sell his "philosophy".

Don't waste your time, for really good writing, character development, and just new and interesting story lines, get George Martin, Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, David Durham's Acacia, David Weber's Safehold, and my personal favorate character writer Lois Bujold - Chalion Trilogy.

Submitted by Elwood 
(Sep 21, 2009)

The fact that this book (and its sequels) are best-sellers baffles me. My best guess is that the chapter-long descriptions of sexual torture have something to do with it. The characters are inconsistent, the plot is lifted almost intact from Star Wars, and the prose is simple and awkward. I read the entire book because I'd paid for it already, and I hoped that it might redeem itself somehow. It didn't; the ending was as horribly trite as the rest of the book.
Red patent leather clad Sex Ninjas? Really?

Submitted by Timothy  
(Mar 09, 2009)

Okay, so, here's how it went. One day in the library I was looking for a good book, and I wanted a book that was kinda large so I wouldn't finish it in one day. Then I seen The Sword of Truth series! I tried to read Tolkien, I really did, but I couldn't do it! I know this is going to get a lot of hate sprung on me, but it's true. I love the movies, which always screws up the book. (I'm a harry potter fan, go figure.) And, I started reading Wizards first rule. I'll agree with those that said that the wording isn't THE HARDEST thing to read, but why would you want to read something that you need to have a dictionary next to you to refer to anyway? I don't know about any of you people, but I don't have the time to look up words everywhere I turn, like I did some of the time while reading The Scarlet Letter, which is a fabulous book by the way. However, The Scarlet Letter is hardly more than 2oo pages long? Taking the custom house out that is, while Wizards first rule is nearing 600-800?! (in paperback, and I can't remember exactly tbh.) Those of you who insult the book, I abhor you and all that you say. I'm sorry to say.

As a harry potter fan, I grew up on HP, and LIVE FOR HP! However, Wizards first rule rivals hp for me! I'll also agree that some of the events in the story ARE predictable, but TBH you can almost always predict what is going to happen in several novels, but yet you still read them nevertheless right?! More to confirm your guess than anything, I'd guess at. I found Wizards First Rule to be very engrossing, and something that I could get lost into. I could vividly imagine the scenes, which make it wonderful, and then I love the story itself. Then hours later, I look up, and see how late it is and how much I've actually read! And I'm like WHOAAAAA. I also abhor anyone who go I READ 20 PAGES AND THREW IT AWAY/GAVE IT BACK. You'll find that if you commit to something, it's not always as bad as it seems at first. And like any story, wizards first rule takes a while for the story to develop, but then goes much faster. I'm now on Soul of the Fire, and I'm enjoying the series very much; so much so, that I'm even trying to read this book while reading a book for my english class, one for my book club, and this series, while working 3-5 days a week, AND taking all honors classes. If that's not commitment then I guess I have some more learning and growing up to do.

Those of you who enjoy the series, I love you all! To those who disliked the story, that's okay, you're entitled to your opinion too! And not everyone likes the same thing, and that's what makes the world go round! I highly recommend this book though. Cheers!

Submitted by Kim 
(Jun 06, 2008)

I hated many of the later books in this series, but this one, the first I read, was fantastic. In no other fantasy book I've read (and I read a lot) has the main character been captured and subjected to torture. In Wizard's First Rule, Goodkind creates incredibly original characters and doesn't fall into the trap of simply taking them on a straightforward journey to save the world. Instead, the story includes several completely unexpected, shattering twists that you don't see coming at all, and is never predictable.

This is a truly great fantasy book that I would recommend to everyone. However, I'd advise reading it as a stand-alone novel (this has a very satisfying ending) and not reading the sequels that follow, which become steadily worse and increasingly fail to advance the plot in any significant way.

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