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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Anonymous
(Dec 28, 2000)

Good book...this is the best book of the kinda deteriorates after.

Submitted by Eric Shaughnessy
(Dec 04, 2000)

Absolutely awesome. I couldn't say more. After reading the Shannara series and all of the R. Jordan books, my standards have been set pretty high. This book excedes them beyond belief.-E.S.

Submitted by Janet  P.
(Nov 20, 2000)

I'm afraid I thought this book was dire. I was reminded of STAR WARS, leanding credence to my theory that many modern fantasy writers not only have the shakiest grasp of language/grammar, but hark back to nmovies/Tv for inspiration rather than, say, history, legend or mythology. Goodkind's prose is juvenile to say the least--simplistic, dull sentences with repititous use of words like 'big' and 'got'. His characters have made up, false sounding names, and their humour and inpersonal relationships seem false too. Shame.

Submitted by kichelle
(Sep 30, 2000)

Anyone who hates this book, must not be a true fan of fantasy. this is a total fantasy book, and one of the best i have ever read.  i must say, the first chapter is rather dull, but it gets good when richard meets kahlan.  i really love reading these books. these are one of those that you can read over again. for those of you who think its to big of a book, and complicated, well i am 13, and i finished this book in a matter of days. give it a chance!

Submitted by
(Sep 16, 2000)

After having read the numerous reviews of this book and having read it myself when it cane out I believe the following......This is one of the best books I own and they keep getting better I own all the books published so far and find them refreshing and despite many comments original.  How i have tired of elves,goblins and dwarves.  I strongly recomend this book to those who are tired of the sad copies of Tolkien and want something new and mature.

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