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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Brian Payne
(May 06, 2000)

This book is a masterful fantasy that sweeps you to a world of uninmaginable dreams.  The author Terry Goodkind is a master of the world of dreams.

Submitted by Chris Stone
(May 02, 2000)

In my opinion Wizards First Rule is the best book I have ever read. It wsa exciting and well written. Once I started reading I could not put it down. I read the entire book in a week, and then I read it again after. Darken Rahl was the perfect enemy, the only worthy opponent for Richard. He was devious, smart and more evil than any. Richard was the only one who could of possibly defeated him. Terry Goodkind made all this perfectly clear using his superb writing skills. Kahlan is the perfect love for Richard. The only women who is perfect for him and the only women who can understand him. I cannot imagine how Terry Goodkind comes up with all these amazing, creative ideas. I sure hope he continues coming up with more ideas so I can continue reading the rest of his books.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Apr 25, 2000)

In my opinion Terry Goodkind is a most excellent writer, who is imaginative creative and entertaining, who hasnt laughed at our first introduction of Richards friend Zed or shared Richards pain at the hands of the Mord Sith (Some truely scarey women), their is page after page of emotionally charged adventurous moments that literally transports you there, experiencing joy, their sorrow, their hate compassion and love, this book makes you feel for these unique characters, whether they be good or evil, I recommend this book to people who understand that though some of the concepts may not be original, (but what is these days, a rare gem if a truely original story can be found) can still make you experience this story as the author intended. Buy the series and enjoy!!!!!!

Submitted by phlea2000
(Apr 25, 2000)

I recommend this book to anyone. Especially, those that enjoy using their imagination. It adds a whole nother level to hid writing. I personally feel that this first book was engrossing. I do not know why or how but it had me hooked from begin to end. I know that during some places in the book, the story begginds to take 'other' shapes, that at the time, seem just to be wasting your time. However, these are the parts i believe are the most important to the story to make it a complete success (which  i whole-heartedly beleive it was), these parts not only provide a structure for the rest of the story, but they simply make reading the story much more intersting. They may not have much to do with the 'main' (so to speak) characters, but instead they 'create' more of them. This adds to the story by creating a world where 'other' things are happening. It's not a world that moves with the leader, as their are some i know, this world is complete on it's own, and you have the ability to see some if not all of the important people making waves in it. The storey outside of the story is there to say to you that the story does go on, that anythi g could and will happen and it's not always simply based on the character doing everything right (though he almost always does i knwo). Wizards first rule gives you a beggining to this wropld. An in depth analysis of the main characters and what their purpose for the time is. It lets you into the world with only a few things to think on.
Later in the series, the world expands and some of the things you found most interesting in the last book will dissapear and in it's place another will come. Perhaps not one you will like, but one non-the-less. This book is triumph to all those who enjoy Terry Goodkind. Perhaps not those who like other writing but a triumph anyway. I hope sincerely that anyone who has the chance to read it does and gains much from it, cause i pretty much know that i have.

Submitted by
(Apr 25, 2000)

A lot of people reads books becase they fell they have to.I am not one of those people I read alot and this book is honestly the beat thing Ive ever read. This book could turn people who think they have to read in to people who want to read. I havent seen originality like this in a book since "The Second Chronicales of Thomous Covenent". So go read this book and if you have any coments feel free to E-mail me.

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