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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Anthony
(Mar 20, 2000)

I picked up this book because of it's intriging cover and fantistical allurement.
Bur I got much more than that. I could not put the book down. It is completely and utterly an overwhelming look at reality through fantistical charachters. I think that the Wizards rules auctually pertian to the game of life. And Goodkind knows that. You hafto really get into this book to understand its hidden meaning. And even whithout it's hidden meaning it is still superb.

Submitted by Jim Harms
(Mar 17, 2000)

I don't know what all the rest of these people are saying, I think they are crazy. This is THE best series I have read, and Wizard's First Rule was great. I must be blind because I cannot see what makes this book so bad to you all.

Submitted by wastra
(Mar 04, 2000)

I have to admit, I was pretty disappointed by this book. I've read good and bad reviews of it before, as well as heaering several friends comment both positive and otherwise about the author.

Wizard's First Rule reminded me of a "Terry Brooks does Star Wars" type of work, poor characters, and little or no character development. The dialogue is childish- I kept expecting someone to insert "dude" in the middle of their sentences. And the plot! Oh man, what a bad, overdone, unoriginal plot! Several reviewers mentioned how predictable this book was. If you can suffer through the first few chapters (which are far and away the WORST opening chapters of any book I've read in some time) you're either really bored, or don't ask for much from literature. The book is highly predictable. If you've read Eddings or other such "pop-culture" fantasy writers, you can simply use their stories and insert the names of Goodkind's characters. The key word in this plot is convenience. Everyone seems to stumble into the Perfect solution to every problem. And they handle problems like they were taking out the trash- no real emotion at all. The characters react as if they knew they were in a novel, not as if the
y were real people racting to strange and troubling situations.

All in all, I'd rate Wizard's First Rule a 3 out of 10, and I'm being generous.

Still, the series is very successful. So either Goodkind has improved greatly with the later books in the series, or there are a lot of people who will read any piece of garbage that comes along. As for me- I'm going to find a GOOD author to read.

Submitted by
(Feb 17, 2000)

This book was so bad. There is nothing redeeming in this story, the whole book was a depressing event.
I am particulary offended by the discussion in the book regarding little boys. On the back of the book there should have been a perverted sex warning and what kind of mind could have thought up and written about how that ---tard killed that little boy!
I will write to the printer as soon as I can find the rest of the pieces of the book.
Either the author is not a parent or has written these things just for notoriaty.
Horrified and Offended

Submitted by
(Feb 15, 2000)

I picked up this book w/high hopes, and after choking through stolen idea after stolen idea, I've
come to realize that this story is nothing more than star wars revisited, the parallels in this
story w/current best sellers from the last 20 years are so laughable as to be rediculous, Goodkind
has cut and pasted his way into being published. There should be a warning in the synopsis for this
book stating "if you haven't lived in a bubble for the last quarter century, you will not like this
book" sorry so tough, but come on lets be a little original.....

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