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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by NFD-MaTTmaN
(Jan 24, 2000)

Dryad and Bill this is something for you guys... I dont know wether you guys are "real" bookreviewers but
Bill sounds like one.. at first the money is VERY well spent cause otherwise it would be spent to
something even more stupid..

But investing in this book is everything but stupid.. I must admit that even I had some problems with the
first 60 pages.. they were there to describe the persons for as far as needed.. and only the fact that
this only was 60 pages is good.. I had another book wich took well... like the entire book was
describing the main characters.. and maybe you'r right about it that only kids of 12 can have fun r
eading this book.. but that makes the people who did read it... ummm... underaged??? hmm... the
action was beginning as soon as Richard met Kahlan and then the thunder began.. normally when I
read a book i read it for like 5 miutes and then i (or burn it or just tear it apart..(high bill when I
come back to the library though..))...

With this book I took 8 days off and kept on reading.. the most spectacular and perfect book I have
ever seen. And the plot... woohoooo i for one could have guest it.. ( like you maybe did by
looking on the final page...) But i didn't Kahlan died.. yeah I really saw that comin!! pfff..

That all for now folks.. but the MAN will be back

Submitted by Becky
(Jan 11, 2000)

I have now read three of Goodkind's five Sword of Truth books. They are all excellent books! He is one of the greatest authors I have read, and I have read my share. I've read Tolken, Weis, and many more. I borrowed the books from a friend, but I would recomend buying them to anyone. Everyone should read the whole set. For those people who only read the first 100 pages or less, I say you are morons! You CAN NOT judge a book on that few pages!! Anyone who loves Fantasy should read these books.

Submitted by Bagon
(Dec 29, 1999)

I have recently finished Wizard's first rule after the book was given to me - which I am very gratefull for, as I probably wouldn't have bought it. This is the first fantasy work I have read for a while and I really liked it. The story is intriguing and well written. I could not put it down once I got started and found that I really grew to like to the characters. It is an excellent read and well worth taking the time to try it. I certainly now intend to to read other books by the same author!

Submitted by Chad
(Dec 09, 1999)

I am responding to the last review of this book (#8). Perhaps you should have read the entire book before you reviewed it. You might have found, like I did, that Wizard's First Rule is one of the most inspiring fantasy books you've ever read. Terry Goodkind has truly created a masterpiece.

Submitted by Will
(Dec 03, 1999)

Sadly, I have to admit that I suffered the same negative reaction that Bill had below. I've been reading epic fantasies for 15 years - Donaldson, Eddings, Brooks, May, Williams, Jordan, etc., and was looking forward to reading this series based on everyone's rave reviews. Admittedly, I only made it through the first 100 pages, but I can't think of a book that was more predictable. It seemed that everything Richard needed was conveniently placed right in front of face.

However, I did pay 6.99 for this book, so I feel obliged to sift through it again at a later date. Until then, I'll be reading Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun series.

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