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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Jason
(Sep 17, 1999)

I just finished reading WFR and I loved the book. It is filled with evil villains and good heroes that
are very believable. The plot is great. Then I read some of the reviews most of them are dead wrong.
Bill the only reason Tolkien is any good is because he was the first. His books are horrible they read
like a bad 3rd grade novel. The only reason he should ever be in the same paragraph as Goodkind is to
show how much better fantasy is now. Why don't you go read Tolkiens books again and see how much better
fantasy is now. Jordan, Goodkind, and George R.Martin are leading to a new realm of fantasy. I eagerly
await getting my hands on the second book.

Submitted by Anonymous
(Sep 14, 1999)

I can't agree with the review submitted on 9 September. I recently read this book and found it to be
gripping from cover to cover. OK - Goodkind is not overfull in his use of dialogue, but IMO he more
than compensates for this with both the depth of his action - there is never a dull moment in this
book - and with the breadth of his imagination. Likewise character development - theres still plenty
of scope!I don't see anything wrong with characters starting off shallow and growing with the story-
far better that than take 50 pages to point out just how shallow they are in fine detail. If you want
pages and pages of rambling dialogue about nothing in particular, read Robert Jordan. If you want
something fast-paced without being light or facile, try this.

Submitted by Dryad
(Sep 09, 1999)

This is a truly horrid book. I say that with full confidence having hurled it across the room within
20 pages of beginning. I too, had heard great things about this series, and gave them the benefit of
the doubt...foolish me. Goodkind may have some talent somewhere, but he is in serious need of a
decent editor, and lacks a crucial understanding of how to write dialogue and scenes in which dialogue
and action combine. Do not buy this book, I suggest instead you rent it, borrow it from a friend, and
whatever you do don't pay more than a dollar for it at the used book store, otherwise you might feel
you've wasted your money (I certainly did).

Submitted by Bill
(Jul 01, 1999)

I read Wizard's First Rule at the recommendation of a friend who usually has very similar tastes in reading
to myself. He told me the book was pretty well written and very interesting. I found it to be neither.
This book is written to a reader of about the 4th grade level, with no intrigue, no sub-plots, and no depth.
The characters in the book are predictable, stereotypical, and shallow. The plot is much the same.
After the first several chapters, the reader can predict most of what will happen for the rest of the
story. In addition to these shortcomings, the story reads as if Goodkind had no idea where he would take it and made it up as he went along. Events and names are introduced too conveniently when the characters are in need of them, there is no searching, no figuring, no real struggle.

I would not recommend this book to anyone over the age of about 12, because I believe that anyone with a developed sense of imagination will be utterly bored with this style of writing. This is cheeseball fantasy at its worst. Do not compare this to high-fantasy literature like Tolkien or Martin, because Goodkind doesn't belong in the same sentence as they do.

Submitted by Luke
(Mar 19, 1999)

I picked up Wizard's First Rule after hearing from a good friend that it was a horrible, foul book. I was told that it
was very violent and had perverse sexual themes to it. Yes, many of you are thinking that I am indeed one right
now, as in, why I then chose to purchase the book. Well, my other friend raved about the series, and I gave him
the benefit of the doubt. This story centers around Richard Cypher and Kahlan, a mysterious woman whom he
must protect. Few times have I been so glued to a book. I would wake up in the morning and literally read this
book for 4-hour intervals. Terry Goodkind really knows how to draw on a reader's emotions, and I found myself
getting very emotional while reading it. Poorly written books can't do that. The feelings of the characters are
continually presented, which leads to many gut-wrenching scenes. There is fantastic humor and wit, presented by
the presence of a man named Zedd. You will enjoy this book. Oh, and the book contained fairly strong violence
and SOME sexual references, but they were just that - references. Though foul, they were nothing more than the
equivalent of reading a news article. Pick this book up, and be prepared to start caring about the characters. This
book manhandles your emotions. Have fun!

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