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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Katie 
(Feb 20, 2005)

This book was terrible. If I have to read one more book about the farm boy who is a great hunter but goes off on a big journey to save the world and get the girl, I am going to vomit. The prose in this work is mediocre at best, the plot was abysmal. The worst part of the entire thing was the paper-thin-one-dimensional characters. They had no depth whatsoever - the priestess/girl in love who cannot be with the man she loves, the simple yet strong farmboy who loves the untouchable girl, the weird hermit guy who turns out to have secret powers...Please. These 'character-types' are so overdone (see David Drake) and terribly uninteresting. I barely made it though this book and was nearly bored senseless. I have more intelligence than that, Mr. Goodkind, thank you very much. Please give your readers some credit. What shocks me is that there are many books in this series, rather then the first terrible enstallment, and that people still buy them!

Submitted by Michael 
(Feb 12, 2005)

I read this book waiting for the next book in the "Song of Ice and Fire" series. The Wizard's First Rule isn't as detailed as I would have hoped, or expected from all of the praise. But the story of Richard Cypher has impressed me. The story line is mildly predictable, with a few twists and turns. As the tale unfolds, Richard find out his true destiny, though not willing to accept what he is or why. Accompanied by his friends he goes forth to solve a great delemma that he has only recent dicovered. Highly recommended. On a more accurate scale, 8.5 out of 10. Not only was it a great read, its a long series that, so far, hasn't worn itself out... much like a series I read that was made into a multi-million dollar movie.

Submitted by arielle 
(Jun 20, 2004)

I was amazed by "Wizard's first rule". I got so into the book, some parts almost made me cry, I couldn't put it down either. I read it in about two days! I loved it so much. Goodkind is an incredible author, who can write a very intriguing book. He describes things so well, and can really make you understand what the character is feeling. He also makes it so you're always wondering what will happen next. He can make you feel happy or sad. I think that this is what makes him such a wonderful author.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jun 20, 2004)

Terry Goodkind uses an amazing writing talent to suck you into a world of love and magic. I consider myself a fantasy fan, however, no other book I have ever read ever came close to the wonderful and heart wrenching adventures of Richard and Kahlan. This is simply the best book I have ever read, and will ever read.

Submitted by Timothy 
(Apr 18, 2004)

There is not much to be said about this book that many people do not already know. In terms of action and suspense, there is plenty to spare. All of the characters have plenty of 'character' and there were times where I was almost driven to tears by some of Richard's hardships.

However, as imaginative as the book is, in some cases it falls very short. The amount of violence and the graphic depiction of rape do little to propel the story along. Some is ok if and only if it helps to develop either the story or the characters, but it fails to do even that. Overall, Wizardís First Rule is a decent read and if you are absolutely obsessed with fantasy than definitely check this one out. Otherwise, try something else.

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