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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by Anonymous 
(Mar 08, 2004)

This book was just plain awful. The ideas it posits are ludicrous:
1.) Anger is a good thing--Richard's magical sword only works when he's angry, and he seems to like being angry. A little nod to the Dark Side of the Force?
2.) Love is a bad thing--Kahlan's sole magical power is to make men love her madly, then send them into a killing frenzy. She and Darth Vader would make a great couple.
3.) Anger and truth are connected--Yeah? Ever said anything untrue and hurtful to someone you love when you were angry and looking to score some points?
4.) The wizard's first rule--"People are stupid." There's an uplifting message to the teenagers reading your book. Just the kind of thing I want my kid to believe.
5.) Cannibalism is okay, if you're the hero and his friends--the Mud People hold a feast for Richard and Kahlan, in which the main course is--dead enemies.
6.) Cannibalism is not okay, if you're the bad guy--Darken Rahl buries a little boy up to his neck, brainwashes him, then kills him by pouring molten lead down his throat. He then butchers the boy, eats various parts of his body, then turns the boy's soul into a demon to carry Rahl into the underworld. And did we notice that Rahl's chief goon has a thing for little boys?
6.) A little S&M makes the hero stronger--Actually, it's a LOT of S&M. The whole Mord-Sith storyline turned my stomach. (And George Lucas should sue Goodkind for his use of the word "Sith".) Richard falls in love with the woman who tortures him? Then he kills her as a sign of his love for her, as a sign that he has grown stronger?
7.) Darken Rahl is Richard's father--oh, like you didn't see that coming a mile away! Again, George Lucas should sue.
This was pornography masquerading as honest fantasy. And some of you compare Goodkind to Tolkein! Unbelievable! Goodkind should be ashamed for writing this book. He should be ashamed for the whole series!

Submitted by Mfarrise 
(Feb 15, 2004)

Before I start all this ,I'd like to say that I'm one of Tolkin fans since many years.Tolkin writings first put me in the path of fantasy. and as you Know first fantasy experiance is the most precious.after years of reading fantasy novels I was presented with this novel.from the first pages I noticed the first feature which I have not whitnessed before which is the ability of the auther to bind you to the story even before you get familiar with it.As you may all know after reading fantasy novel you get fond with it and that prevent you from the complete enjoiment with the next novel till the lines of the latest took hold of you an example I found it furestrating in trying to go on with the reading of the chapter --long expected party-- in the fellow ship of the ring with out my mind going some where else with the bore.
As for wizards first rule I began reading it in a very croudy room with all my assistants talking during work call.but even with that I was immediatly drawn with anticipation to find out who is Kahlan and what is the matter with those bad guys following her and what is her secret.
ferther on in the novel I found that I carries the stong emotional love in witch most of the fantasies lack..In all the fantasies I red before all have Love and romance as a secondary this saga Love stands a full motivation for the hero's in hand with the war against evil..
I don't need to describe Goodkind's talent considering the saga weaving part ,it don't need describing.
I only say that for the first time I fall on and author Who is quite capable in romance writing as much as he is capable in fantasy weaving and with astonishing power of blending them together in one of the best Novel's I've red till now.thanks a lot Terry.

Submitted by 
(Jan 20, 2004)

This book is the best book I have ever read. I read and write a lot, but most books don't seem to capture the emotion of characters, or anything else as well as they should.

This book solved my problems. It had everything a fantasy needs: likeable characters that you can relate to, and a unique and well thought out plot.

From the very beginning, you are pummelled with new idea, after new idea. It comes in waves, makes you cry and makes you laugh. You are really drawn into his world.

The characters are absolutely, amazingly real. I've found myself thinking about how I could relate to them numerous times when I couldn't be reading the book. The protagonist is simply awesome. He is well thought out and very heroic. Many times I could swear I was right there beside him, destroying his enemies with him, fending off unwanted thoughts of the mysterious Kahlan, who's all together another story...

The moment she was spoken of, I fell in love (exaggeration). She is very strong willed, getting what she wants, and doing what she wants with it. She pulls you in, whether you like it or not, to herself. I have a soft spot in my heart for her, along with the rest of the book.

The mysterious Zedd is the comic relief of the story. He makes you laugh and is witty, and very charismatic.

Darken Rahl; a thoroughly wicked and evil villain has all of the essential traits you would expect. His intention upon world domination is nearly unstoppable.

One of my favourite aspects of the Sword of Truth series is the imagery. It's absolutely perfect. Terry Goodkind draws you in just enough to think for yourself, enough for you to draw in your mind what you like and want to see. The unfathomable amount of times I have sat, in open-jawed wonder at how smoothly he writes is simply incredible!

I believe I have said enough.

Submitted by 
(Nov 30, 2003)

It had been some night in the middle of summer when I found this book. My older brother had tons of fantasy books, and I picked this one up. I began to read it, and after the first couple of pages, I was drawn and hooked. Have been ever since. This story tells a lot about the characters, while keeping Kahlan's secret. It was like I could feel what Richard felt while she explained the helplessness of it all. It was a great book. I loved all the characters, and they were developed masterfully, and I can't wait to see what else will happen. I submitted this a little late, and I've read all the other books in this series, while working on the newest one out. I loved this one and if not for its captivating story, I would have missed all the other great books in this series.

Submitted by Pat 
(Nov 30, 2003)

I had heard a lot of good things about this book and this series in general. Upon completion, I don't know that I had ever involved myself in a bigger literary waste of time than reading this book.

I read a lot of literature, not all of it fantasy, and my feeling is that just because you write fantasy, doesn't mean you have any right to be worse a writer than anyone else who writes prose. Brilliant writers like Hemingway, Faulkner, and Joyce should still be a fantasy writer's inspiration, as Tolkien or Lovecraft are because they are lessons in wonderful writing.

Goodkind does not write as though he'd ever read any good prose. His characters are shallow, and the situations they get themselves into are so outlandish that they're hard to believe, even for a fantasy world.

Perhaps if you are 14 and wish to receive some exposure to the world of the fantasy epic than this book would suffice, but I still personally wouldn't recommend it.

Just because a writer is creating a fantasy world doesn't mean they're allowed to go against everything that we consider human nature.

The way I see it, a good book is a good book, regardless of what genre it's written in. Likewise, a bad book is a bad book, regardless. I feel that books like 'A Game of Thrones' and 'The Fellowship of the Ring' stand as high as 'Ulysses' or 'Grapes of Wrath'.

Likewise, I feel as though books like 'Wizard's First Rule' and indeed every other book in th SoT series, falls so low that I dare not compare it to anything else in my mind, for fear of insulting only a mildly-bad writer.

I do not read trashy romance novels when I can experience the genius of Kerouac or Kesey, and I won't waste my time with what I consider abhorrable fantasy novels when I could read Martin or Lovecraft.

If I can prevent one person from reading this series, then I'll feel as though I've done a good deed. Please take heed and find something else to occupy your time with. There is so much brilliant literature out there, fantasy or not, that to waste your time reading this trash would only be wasting a part of your life that could have been spent reading and learning something so much better....

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