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Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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Submitted by David 
(Aug 03, 2002)

Wizard's First Rule is a book that you definetly shouldn't miss out on. But if you do, your only hurting yourself. It's a truly great book. The story starts out as Richard, a simple woodsguide tries to help a young woman who is being chased by bandits to safety. The young woman turns out to be Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor to the midlands,Queens, Kings, and Emperor's alike will bow down to her. The bandits turn out to be powerful warriors working for Darken Rahl, The D Haran Emperor. This is the start to a great journey that starts of THE SWORD OF TRUTH, a very good Fantasy. Remember when after reading The Lord Of The Rings, everyone was sad because there would never be a fantasy to compare. Well guess what, Sword of Truth might not be as good as LOTR, I cannot decide, but it is still damn good. 5 THUMBS UP!!!!!!

Submitted by Ilia 
(Jul 08, 2002)

Well, I read the first 3 books of the Sword of Truth series. I was really hooked, read the second book in 2 weeks, while I usually read 5 times slower. I never knew that there really are people out there like Mr. Goodkind who can understand and portray feelings that well. The fact that it's fantasy only added the emotions since anything could happen. I'm going to buy his 4th book soon.

Submitted by Bryan Widstrand 
(Jun 04, 2002)

I was on vacation in Colorado when my older brother began reading "Wizard's First Rule". When he away from the book, I picked it up and started reading. From the first, I loved the characted Richard. He was a noble hero in times of trouble. The tension between him and his closest friends kept me on edge the whole book. I stayed in the hotel room, faking sick, to read the book while my family went rock climbing, a hobby of mine. I continued to read the entire day, and all that night. I finished the book just as we were up to go. I was about ready to continue my vacation when I saw my brother had the second book...

Note:Thank you Terry, for the inspiration you have given me. I look at the world differently and with more understanding for what you have wrote. Keep it up!

Submitted by Yehuda 
(May 06, 2002)

Based on recommendations, I picked up this book. After the first 10 pages, I began to wonder why I was recommended this book. As I progressed, I became increasingly aware of how BAD this book was. The characters are shallow, the feeling is non-existent. The author tries to create an emotional scene (the speech) and instead we get this sense of the pathetic... Don't read it.. Try Martin's Ice and Fire series or Jordan's Wheel of Time instead.

Submitted by James Jalw 
(Apr 22, 2002)

Personally this book gave me hope. As I've read it once and finished it, I felt like I needed or had to read again. Never before have I been lost and taken to that world! The paper and text didn't matter because somehow I felt to soaked in the story, that everything around me disappeared and only reappeared when I let it to. Terry Goodkind found something to which he could put his imagination and what came was a seriously top-quality story, it moved me in more ways than one. I cannot explain the feeling (because I'm not supposed to. This is a book review!) so I won't. Wizards First Rule is about Love between Ricahrd Cypher and Kahlan, and how they connect to one-another, I can't redeem the fact that this book is somewhat magical and to the climatic point becomes unputdownable! You'll read until you (literally) fall asleep.

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