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Demon In My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

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Submitted by Ariel 
(Sep 02, 2009)

This book is the first one of hers I read. I read it when I was in 8th grade and it is to be honest the best and most addictive book I read. Amelia's books inspired me to start writing again so I had to read the others, but I had one problem they were high school books not Jr. High. . .So I had older friends check the others out for me and one after another I saw how much I loved her books. But Demon In My View is my favorite. I love the feelings the story gives off.
Like how Aubrey is this strong unbeatable creature, who's as sharp as a blade gets, But even he has a weakness. His weakness is the lonely yet beautiful Jessica. To bad he new he couldn’t kill her. It's a good book with the one feeling that was strongest to me, The Suspense keep me reading I never put it down even when I finished it I read it over and over. . .until I had to give it back.
All I have to say is this book is a must read besides if I love it you'll love it! Good job Amelia!

Submitted by Crystal 
(Jan 11, 2007)

This book is great. What I mean is that it really draws you into the story as the main character Jessica figures out everyone of her characters are alive and real. It took me less then one day to read but that was because I couldn't stop reading it. Aubrey sounded really attractive, and Amelia discribed him in vivid details that brought him to life. I do believe the book could be longer as to show how Jessica handled the life of the creatures of the night and if she continues her books about Aubrey and the other vampires.

Submitted by Jackie 
(Feb 22, 2006)

I first read 'In the Forest of the Night' and then read DMV, which is the obvious order to read the books. What I loved about DVM was that it could take a character like Aubrey, who in the first book was the villain, you were rooting agents him and hated him as Riska did and turn him in to a character that you love in her next book. You see the other side of him through the eyes of Jessica and the new prospective that Amelia Atwater-Rhodes gives you in this book. Also reading the books in this order, you see how Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has improved as a writer from when 'In the forest of the Night' first came out.
The story is quickly but satisfying at the same time, the book is fast paced and always keeps you wanting more. I was almost sad when it ended because you were not able to learn about the characters anymore. Both were very well developed characters, in this book Amelia Atwater-Rhodes really developed the characters through out the book instead of shoving their personalities at you in the very beginning she pulled away the protective layers to describe truly complex characters.

Submitted by Gabriella C. 
(Dec 29, 2005)

I loved Demon In My View. It was a GREAT piece of work and a great vampire book. I think Amelia Rhodes is a great writer and I can't wait to read some other works of hers (And from what I see, In the Forest of the Night is good as well). Aubrey was a great character and so was Jessica, I enjoyed it alot! It has great description and plots etc. I really can't wait to read all her other books, they must be great. If anyone is looking for any other vampire type books to read, Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause is a good one! I tried reading Demon In MY View and Silver Kiss at the same time. Gah, that was confusing, they have similar characters. I urge people to read this, it's fantastic!

Submitted by Zee Zee 
(Aug 28, 2005)

Okay, I enjoyed parts of the book, but it was riddled with sad cliches, and the main character was a...well I can't use that language, but you know what I mean. Jessica was a pure misanthrope. Aubrey is also a joke, after he got his butt kicked in "In the Forest of the Night" how can you take him seriously? He dresses like a pimp. I love vamp literature. I respect AAR, but I swear she was writing herself into this book when she thought up the character Jessica. They have some interesting "similarities." I would read this book if you ever aspire to being a vamp. You will enjoy the book more than I did.

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